Which initial pairs should the AMM Liquidity Mining Program launch with?

TLDR Suggest the tokens that you would like to see added to DeversiFi when AMMs and liquidity mining launches

In a few weeks time, DeversiFi will be launching Layer 2 AMMs. :partying_face: AMMs are powerful tools that offer the following benefits:

  • New Tokens - The ability to list new tokens that DeversiFi cannot currently aggregate liquidity for from external markets
  • New LPs and DVF Distribution - Attract new liquidity providers for the first time, bringing a whole new set of potential community members to the DeversiFi platform and protocol.
  • Fair Rewards: Allow users with small portfolios to participate in providing liquidity, and earning DVF - without paying gas thanks to Layer 2.
  • Fees to xDVF holders: A portion of AMM pool fees could be earned by xDVF token holders (this would need a governance vote to enable in the future)

In order to kickstart the new DeversiFi AMMs, a three month liquidity mining program will be put in place to reward LPs who provide liquidity. More specific information on the liquidity mining program will be available shortly :woman_farmer:

The launch will consist initially of 18 pools. This is where you come in! There will be a governance vote on Snapshot where the community will be able to vote for the pools that it would like to see added. This can also include pools for tokens that are currently already listed on DeversiFi with order-books which could have their current liquidity augmented by AMM markets!

NOTE: This vote will not be binding, but is simply to signal DVF holder’s preferences so that DeversiFi Labs can make an initial selection. In future rounds it will be possible for the governance module to directly select AMM pools to receive liquidity mining rewards.

9 Pairs Chosen By the DeversiFi Team
There will be 9 pools that DeversiFi Labs considers strategic and should be added. These are all large market-cap ‘blue chip’ tokens, with active token communities that can provide liquidity, and in some cases are not already trading on DeversiFi.


9 Pairs Chosen By xDVF Holders
The remaining 9 tokens will be voted on by xDVF holders. A Snapshot proposal will be submitted in two days time where you can upvote the pairs that you would like to see added first. This is your chance to add the tokens that you would like to LP & trade. The top 9 pairs will be added, pending a final veto from DeversiFi Labs after due diligence checks.

Have you got pairs you’re desperate to LP & trade on DeversiFi and want to see them added to the snapshot vote? Then please leave a comment with the token in the thread below as well as detailing the reason why you think the token should be added to DeversiFi. Make your case to DVF holders to ensure your token has a good shot at making the cut.

The initial list is as follows:

AXS/ETH Axie Infinity
YGG/ETH Yield Guild Games
ILV/ETH illuvium
COMP/ETH Compound
RAI/ETH Rai Reflex Index
RGT/ETH Rari Governance Token
TOKE/ETH Tokemak
ALPHA/ETH Alpha Finance
REN/ETH Ren Protocol
ALCX/ETH Alchemix
UMA/ETH Uma Protocol
PERP/ETH Perp Protocol

The following tokens can not be added to DeversiFi and will not be added to the Snapshot vote:

  • Security tokens
  • Leverage or index tokens
  • Non-ERC20 tokens
  • Tokens that are not trading yet
  • Tokens with a very concentrated distribution

All the new pairs will be against ETH initially unless a strong case can be made to list them against a stablecoin.

Hop into the driving seat and have your say now :point_down:


Team Dvf/usdt LP pair :rocket:


Consider adding BOND/ETH Barn Bridge

Barn Bridge is tokenized risk protocol with 2 live products - Smart Yield, Smart Exposure. However they are launching Smart Alpha in the beginning of September.

Check out for more info their website: https://barnbridge.com/
or use Discord: BarnBridge


Good spot - there is actually a very good reason why a DVF/USDt pair is not in the initial list. There is a potential opportunity to use the current order book DVF/USDT liquidity externally to DeversiFi. This is an opportunity that wouldn’t be possible with V1 on the DeversiFi AMMs and therefore our thinking is to keep the DVF/USDt pair in its current form (order book liquidity not AMM liquidity) for a few more weeks to see if the opportunity plays out. I know this seems a bit secretive but its one of those things that we cant say much more about for a few weeks


I second this +1 and would love to see a BOND pair on DeversiFi ASAP


+1 for BOND/ETH, think its nice protocol and they are soon launching next product.


Love to see AMM LM is coming. Great 9 pairs chosen by DVF team!

+1 would love to see BOND added to DeversiFi and DVF LM as well


I vote for BOND/ETH pair, there is a great future for Barn Bridge protocol.


+1 vote for BOND/ETH pair


I’m sure you have a good reason but why there is not enough stablecoin pairs?

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Good chodce of pairs to the beginning.

Am also +1 for BOND pair


Good question -

  • to keep things easier we thought that we would add 18 new tokens, with one pair each, so that we can give as many communities as possible the opportunity to LP. If there is a good reason to switch a pair from ETH to a stablecoin then please do make a case and detail why. This is just the initial 18 pairs, others will follow.

  • we should be launching multiswap-hop for swapping soon. That means that it doesn’t really matter if there are multiple pairs for the same token. As long as there is on pair, then swappers will be able to swap from any listed token to any other listed token


For most of these tokens (not all) ETH is the best pair as the teams are so unknown that pairing with a stablecoin becomes either risky or irrelevant, depending on which side you are on. Pairing with ETH sort of solves this, although for UNI and AAVE you are indeed correct.


(slightly messed up with my previous message)

+1 At the heart of DeFi BOND/ETH pair is definitely one to consider

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BOND/ETH would strengthen ties between the two projects, especially on the eve of SMART Alpha launching.




also note my vote for BOND/ETH

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No particular reason but we generally see more stablecoins in the pairs. I think most investors feel more safe with the stablecoins. But as you said, these are just inital pairs.

Yes, +1 for BOND/ETH from me.

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Great initial pairs, +1 for BOND/ETH.

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