What is the minimum amount of DVF that needs to be staked in order to create proposals within the governance mechanism?

In order to reduce spam proposals, I propose that a minimum amount of xDVF is needed in order to submit a proposal.

It has already been discussed within Discord and a general consensus was reached of 15 xDVF. You can find a link to further discussions here

The methodology of reaching this number was as follows:

On the platform, there are currently 6303 holders of DVF and xDVF, with the number of DVF/xDVF held varying from 1 - 4000+

The link to how DVF is distributed can be found here

The community voted that the top 40% of community members should be able to vote. This means that we look at holder number 3781 and upwards.

Since this lies within the first bucket, further estimates were taken and a final figure of 15 xDVF was obtained.

Please bear in mind, that this a just a baseline figure and that the community can always vote to increase or decrease this amount in the future.


Since the idea is to make sure only well thought out, well formulated, and benevolent proposals get to the voting stage then I wouldn’t mind a higher number even.

The criterion of holding x amount of DVF by itself might not be enough in the long term. A fee for putting forth a proposal would not be just, but a scheme where the person would have part of their (x)DVF locked in governance for a set period would make sure there is at least something at stake.

In an ideal world most of us would probably like a system where spammy and very low quality proposals get punished and good ones rewarded, but that would probably be really tricky to achieve without controversial outcomes. There can be good proposals which get rejected; and I understand that we don’t want to make the governance system into a popularity contest, nor scare people away from contributing.

Long story short, I’d support a 15 DVF or higher minimum as a first step. I consider that bar to be quite low and I’m also certain that if the need for a more restrictive solution materializes we will see it here on the forum.


imo it should be 20 DVF or higher.

Judging by the holders distribution, I would vote for 20 xDVF as the total held after 20 by each division is very similarly weighted. Also, restricting the under 20 xDVF group would, in my opinion, remove a lot of noise from the proposals. If someone wants to make a proposal with under 20, maybe we allow “co-signers” to 2nd the proposal where the cosigner would have to have the threshold amount?

I think it should be more than 5 dvf because you almost rewarded all users. If someone want to be a part of proposal mechanism, He/she should stake some of portfolio. This may be showed loyalty and trust to DAO and dvf. But also this is a swap platform and if it is stipulated much bigger, people may stake instead of swap or vice versa. I think it is fair to stipulate bigger than 5 and smaller than 15 dvf staking for voting.

Dao should be for everyone, so there should not be any limitation

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DeversiFi is a big project. Users of this platform are getting DVF somehow. That’s why it should be a meaningful amount and 15 DVFs fit for governance.

I think this amount should be reduced or even people with smaller money can do it

20 DVFs should do it, as it’s not that hard to earn it, being on DeversiFi that is…people who are/will be interested in using the protocol and contributing - formulating pertinent proposals should have no problem achieving 20 xDVF.