Welcome to DVF DAO Discourse!

Hi rhinos and welcome to the DVF Governance platform! There are a few things we want you to know before jumping into the discussion:

  1. First things first, please read our FAQs and community guidelines - they are packed with useful information on our governance process as well as advice on how to be the best community member you can be.
  2. Once you’re ready to propose some great changes to the protocol just hop into the Proposals category and create a new topic.
  3. Topics/Posts/Replies that aren’t adding value to the conversation will be moderated. This forum is here so we can have useful, productive conversations around proposals and help refine/move them through to a vote. If you want to like/support posts/topics from other community members you know what to do…give them a :heart:
  4. Please keep posts in English if you want the community to understand/engage!

Welcome to the future of DeversiFi. Now you’re in the driving seat…

Team DeversiFi