We should get a fee discount for holding DVF, what do you think?

This is the practice of most exchanges.
Can increase the utility of DVF.
Even, I think holding up to a certain number of DVF, let maker fees to 0.


it would be an interesting incentive to have the card


agree with this proposition

I made this and need more feedback.

I agree. this is extremely common with exchange tokens. Here is the woox one for regular users and beta users (okay it wont let me post 2 pics)

Need some advice from the team.

Generally I support the idea of giving DVF more utility obviously, but I think we need to discuss this once AMMs are launched.

Two things to consider/think about:

  • Community members have expressed their desire for xDVF holders to receive a share of DeversiFi platform trading fees.

  • Once AMMs are live there will also be LPs added as stakeholders to DeversiFi. Cutting trading fees for DVF holders may reduce the incentive for LPs to provide liquidity

  • DeversiFi Labs also operates a external CEX aggregation service, which is why DeversiFi can offer such amazing liquidity for large pairs such as wBTC and ETH. DeversiFi Labs is charged matching fees for this service and also has to pay significant gas costs in order to rebalance the aggregation service. The current fee schedule is a fine balance between ensuring that the aggregation service operate effectively, whilst being attractive for large traders. One suggestion I have is that the trading fees are increased to a flat 0.25%, but then DVF holders receive discounts

Just some food for thought. Keen to continue the discussion


+1 i see your point.

I think that’s a good idea!