Vote to create and fund a Community building subDAO

Will you vote to create and fund a Community building subDAO?

I’d like to propose the creation of a Community Building subDAO. This is being proposed with the ambition of growing our audiences and building larger, stronger communities - to take DVF to the moon!
To do this in the most efficient way I want to work with our community and DVF holders to turn their ideas into a reality and strike a solid balance between decentralization and tempo for ratifying regular costs and funding of these ideas.
I’d propose creating a separate Gnosis Safe multi-sig, with members of the community and the DeversiFi labs team, who would be in control of the allocation and spending of these funds.

I’d initially like to propose allocating $50,000.00 towards the following activity:

  • Community building over the next 6 months including:
    • Bounty campaigns - marketing activity across a variety of platforms (Twitter, Youtube,
      Discord etc) to drive additional holders of DVF
    • Community moderators - to support building strong and thriving communities in
      Discord and potentially Telegram
    • A ‘buffer’ to fund additional ideas from the community or unknown cost inflation
    • Creation of DeversiFi branded stash

Will you vote to put this subDAO in place?


Yes it’s a reasonable idea and would help growth :+1:


Good idea . I would like if some fund also get allocated to rabbithole_gg for marketing and bringing new serious defi users.

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Yes, I don’t know what to spend funds on if not this.

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Good idea :+1: I will vote to support.

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Nice idea, we need as much exposure as we can get.

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why exactly 50,000.00 ?

I am happy to be a part of this community. How can I vote on Snapshot?

yes, this is a good idea !

Yes, It’s a reasonable idea.

Not a bad idea, I support it, I propose to post the quest on the website to exclude multi accounts from participating in this event.

Great idea,I will vote to support.

Definitely good idea, I’ll support too