Please share your proposals here

This is where you can create and discuss ‘The Big stuff’ and the changes that YOU want to see to things like smart contract upgrades, treasury spending and multisig keyholder changes.

All you need to do to ‘propose’ is to follow these steps:

  1. ‘Discuss’
  • Discuss your proposal right here on discourse. All you need to do is fill out a proposal is to create a new topic here at Proposals - DeversiFi DVF Governance
  • Then wait for the rest of the community to comment - provide feedback on how you could improve the proposal and gauge the agreement you’ve got. This might take a few days/weeks.
  • Once the rest of the community is on board and the proposal has a realistic chance of being agreed, you should move to step 2 - the main proposal and vote.
  1. The main ‘Proposal’ and ‘Vote’
  • The main proposals and voting happen on Snapshot. All you need to do is turn your original proposal into an official snapshot proposal using our template.
  • When submitting your new proposal in Snapshot you will need to set the Voting Period. In order for the vote to be considered valid, you must ensure that the voting time is:
    • at least 7 days if making any transaction other than a simple spend of treasury funds
    • at least 7 days if spending more than 50,000 DAI equivalent of tokens
    • at least 3 days for proposals spending less than 50,000 DAI equivalent
  • Once the proposal has been submitted, it will be voted on and can be voted on by anyone with an xDVF balance at the time of the submission. The whole community can vote - anyone holding xDVF on-chain, those with L2 balances of xDVF on DeversiFi and anyone with vested xDVF tokens inside a vesting contract. It really is a team event!
  • If your vote is passed then it’s onto step 3…
  1. The exciting part ‘Execution’
  • Firstly It needs to be validated on-chain with a minimum bond of 0.01Eth through our oracle.
  • During the required cool down period of 72 hours our DVF DAO council comes into play. Initially the council will be able to veto transactions before they are executed. Don’t worry - this is only a safety net and will be managed on SafeSnap. We are a defi platform and so to stay true to our decentralized roots we’re hoping that once the governance process is trusted and seen to be robust, these multisig holders will be removed, leaving the full process in the hands of DVF holders without additional safeguards.
  • If the proposal isn’t vetoed then it will be executed in 72 hours time by the community.

How will you use your voting power?

Click here to read our detailed guides on each step and get proposing today.