Metaverse coins on DeversiFi

Metaverse is all the rage right now - and probably will be for the foreseeable future.

I would therefore like to propose the listing of some of the bigger metaverse coins, for example AXS, MANA, SAND, ENJ.

Personally, I came to DeversiFi looking for a cheaper way to trade these (but I stayed for the sweet UX and the friendly community).

(Disclaimer: I’m coming from a non-technical consumer perspective, so please forgive any suggested “technical impossibilities”.)


I would suggest also some coins related to metaverse and to games that run on immutable x. Immutable x share the same layer 2 with deversifi, both use starkware implementation. So could be also interesting in the future (maybe to transfer in and out fron deversifi to immutable x directly in the layer 2). Immutable X is a marketplace for some interesting games . That said the coins are:

  • IMX immutable x coin
  • ILV illuvium game that runs on immutable
  • GODS Gods Unchained another game
  • Gems Guild of guardians

@taggart Sounds like a great idea!

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Sounds great :wink: i hope it would be

its good for maybe gppd