Create bridge to binance smart chain (bsc)

As a user I felt during defi summer the only reason crowd moved to bsc is less transaction cost . but later they realized bsc is centralized and crap , were they can stop their bridge and what ever they want at any time and a lot of scams project came like mushroom on bsc.

Now that problem is solved by deversifi it would be great to bring those user to ethereum L2 .


Same as polygon bridge bsc bridge should offer user very small transfer fee .

For now user has this hurdle of paying lot of fee to bring their assest to eth from bsc and again pay fee to deposit to deversifi


yes of course but polygon and fantom is more necessary


Thank you for the feedback, I will relay to the team. We have another bridge about to launch, but you will have to wait and see which chain/layer2/platform the bridge is to :wink: