Bridge with Polygon and 1Inch to attract more users

Proposal: Bridge with Polygon and 1Inch to attract more users

Summary: As the bridge with Polygon was recently announced, I think the best way to take advantage of it would be to incorporate Deversifi through this bridge to the 1Inch aggregator.

Motivation: In order to attract more users to the ecosystem and demonstrate the superiority of this platform.

Specification: I don’t know exactly how this integration would be done, but I guess it would not be as easy as with other platforms as it is not a native polygon network. However, I think this is one of the most useful utilities that could be obtained from this recent bridge and I see it as the next logical step for the Polygon Bridge.

I hope that all of you find my proposal interesting but as I said previously I suppose that this could be more difficult than in any other Polygon network, I would like to know your thoughts


I would throw the Optimism ecosystem into the mix - I’m actually surprised it is not here and I don’t see any noise around the subject.